Cousine Island

Cousine Island is one of the most untouched granitic islands of the Seychelles archipelago and it is also recognised internationally as one of the most luxurious private islands on earth.

Cousine Island Seychelles is a private island sanctuary featuring four villas and an expansive Presidential villa, located only 30 metres from the pristine beach. This resort offers unparalleled privacy and seclusion along with the highest level of luxury and comfort and can accommodate up to 12 adults and 6 children and is only available for exclusive rental.

The  island is 62 acres in size, 1.4km in length and 800m wide and the native woodlands that adorn the islands granitic boulders are inhabited only by indigenous species. Home to nesting Hawksbill and Green turtles, Aldabra giant tortoises and numerous species of endemic land birds and animals. Cousine Island is unique with its conservation-based management structure designed to ensure that revenue derived from the hotel is reinvested for the long-term sustainability of conservation and biodiversity of this island jewel.

Presidential Villa – Offers 625sqm of living space and nestled in lush endemic vegetation, just 30 metres from Cousine Island’s sugar white beach. This stately Presidential Villa is perfectly suited for families and has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 4 adult and 2 children. The Presidential Villa is lavishly designed and furnished and offers maximum privacy, boasting 2 master bedrooms with grandiose en-suite bathrooms, a private outside bar area, private gym, spa, study area as well as onsite accommodation for a private au pair, chamber lady and butler.

Luxury Villas -The four French colonial Luxury Villas are all in full view of the Indian Ocean and just steps away from the pristine shore of Cousine Island. Each Villa is privately situated and secluded, each uniquely furnished with individually handcrafted furniture as well as the latest technology to ensure opulence and comfort of the highest level.

The air-conditioned villas boast private infinity pools, spacious en-suite bathrooms with twin showers, vanities and Jacuzzi baths, a front and rear veranda with 2 outside showers as well as a TV and dining room. The expansive bedrooms open directly onto the beach offering magical views as the sun rises and sets and accommodates a maximum capacity of 2 adults and 1 child.

The social centre of Cousine Island Seychelles is The Pavilion and offers a boutique, private library, bar, fresh water pool and open air dining and lounge areas. The chef can cook to guests needs so as such, there are no menus. The Pavilion is open for guests use day and evening.

Conservation is an important aspect and guests are invited on daily guided tours to explore and learn more about Cousine Island’s fauna & flora as well as the various conservation programs. Guests can also participate in the conservation work on the island by planting an indigenous tree from the nursery.

Another activity is cooking lessons – guests can learn about the ingredients and spices used in Creole cooking by having a personal hands-on cooking lesson with the island’s chef.

The Seychelles is renowned for its beauty and turquoise sea, and there is a range of sea activities including snorkelling, scuba diving, catamaran sailing, fishing and kayaking. (Some activities incur an additional charge).

Presidential Villa

  • 625 square metres
  • 2 master bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Air-conditioned bedrooms
  • WiFi
  • Study area
  • Private spa
  • Private gym
  • Outside bar
  • Kitchen
  • Private chef
  • Golf cart
  • Maximum guests 4 adults and 2 children

Luxury Villa

  • 210 square metres
  • Expansive master bedroom
  • Spacious bathroom
  • Air-conditioned bedroom
  • Jacuzzi bath
  • Shower
  • Open plan dining and TV room
  • Kitchen
  • Ocean views
  • Private infinity pool
  • Outdoor shower
  • Veranda

Resort amenities

  • Guided walks
  • Cooking classes
  • Pavilion
  • Gym
  • Boutique
  • Bar
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Excursions


Pool and Beach

  • Each villa has a private plunge pool
  • Cousine Island is surrounded by pristine beaches or guests can sail to the beaches of Praslin

Services Included

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Drinks - excludes premium bottles of wine and champagne
Travel Dates Bedrooms Max Occupancy Rates (£)
Luxury Villa
01 Oct - 20 Dec 2017
1 2 £1,800
10 Jan - 19 Dec 2018
1 2 £1,800
Presidential Villa
01 Oct - 20 Dec 2017
2 4 £3,600
10 Jan - 19 Dec 2018
2 4 £3,600
Exclusive Island Rental
01 Oct - 20 Dec 2017
6 12 £10,800
10 Jan - 19 Dec 2018
6 12 £10,800


Rates are nightly and include 15% tax.

Rates include all meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), selected beverages including soft drinks, mineral waters & fruit juices.

Location Seychelles

  • 10 Bedrooms
  • 10 Bathrooms
From £1,800  per night

Quick Look

Private island, 1 Presidential Villa and 4 luxury villas, cooking classes, gym, spa, excursions.


This luxury private island is located 8km off the west coast of Praslin and 3km from the island of Cousin.

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Cousine Island