Waikiki Beach


Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu is Hawaii’s major airport, serving as the entry point for most of Hawaii’s visitors. All major domestic US carriers and many international carriers serve Oahu, so you can get to the island from just about anywhere in the US.

Flying time: 19 hours
Language: Hawaii's two official languages are Hawaiian and English
Island Size: 596 square miles
Time difference from UK: Summer - 11 hours, Winter - 10 hours
Currancy: US Dollar
Voltage: 110 volts
Driving: Right hand side of the road
Airport: Honolulu International Airport
Entry Requirements: ESTA form for UK Residences
Beaches: Oahu has an abundance of breathtaking beaches to explore, from the popular Waikiki Beach to the more quieter beaches of the north

Oahu is a great destination to visit year round as the temperature hardly varies. Honolulu experiences a mostly dry summer season. It’s summer between months May and October and becomes winter between October and April. The best time to visit Honolulu is from September to November when temperatures are mild. Annual average rainfall is 433 mm (17.05 inches), it mainly rains during the winter months. Temperatures vary little throughout the year, with average high temperatures of 27 to 32 degrees Celsius and average lows of 18 to 24 degrees Celsius (65–75 °Fahrenheit).


Kaua’i boasts some of the most beautiful landscape and surroundings with endless shades of green, calming rivers and awe-inspiring waterfalls.

Oahu is one of the most popular Hawaiian islands and home to the famous Waikiki Beach. The island has a fusion of city and country, from small town charm to urban chic. There is an abundance of activities and areas to explore on this beautiful island.

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy the range of courses Oahu has to offer. But one of the main activities has to be hiking and enjoying the breathtaking scenic views of the tropical landscape. Only an hour from Waikiki coast is The Windward Coast which offers fresh forestry and some of the best beaches on the island. The Windward Coast is the perfect place to explore the water, mountains and wildlife Oahu has to offer. Alternatively, one of the most popular hikes is the trek to the crest of Leahi (Diamond Head), where you will pass through World War II fortifications before reaching the 763-foot summit and the majestic views of Waikiki, Honolulu and the southern coastline.

Oahu is not only rich in local history, but national and international history as well. The aerial attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 left thousands dead and drove the US into World War II. You can immerse yourself in the history by visiting this national landmark. Pearl Harbour is also home base of the US Pacific Fleet – the world’s largest naval command.  It is recommended to walk through the US Arizona Memorial Museum, then taking a short boat ride to the USS Arizona Memorial.

Another must see of this iconic island is the North Shore. With seven miles of pristine beaches that has featured in many films, this is the perfect place to spot the perfect wave. The North Shore attracts the top surfers from all over the world and is the location of many surfing competitions. The waves subside during May – September, so you may want to try your hand at surfing. It is recommended to try a “shave ice” at Hale’iwa town – the shave ice comes in every flavour imaginable.

Oahu is certainly a destination that caters for all clientele – whether it is golf enthusiasts, beach lovers, historic buffs, those who enjoy hiking and exploring the natural landscapes. But of course, Oahu is also a shoppers fantasy, whether it is a love of local crafts or international designer labels.


Whatever your taste, Oahu has something delicious in store for you. There is an abundance of five star dining restaurants offering a range of local and international cuisine. In Kahalu’u on the Windward Coast, why not try Malasadas. Despite not having an Hawaiian origin, the Portugese egg-fried pastries are a hit on this side of Oahu. In Kahuku on the north shore, stop at the world-famous “Shrimp Trucks” and taste delicious Kahuku shrimp.

Oahu is home to numerous farmer’s markets. Try homemade jams and jellies on fresh artisan breads.

Oahu also has a vibrant and dynamic nightlife, whether it be trendy wine bars or nightclubs. Popular evenings out tend to be centred around Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu.